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Part 1 People. Unit 2 Brains and beauty.

Idioms2.jpgPeople → Brains and beauty

A Hollywood actress once met the Britiish philosopher, Bertrand Russell. Whereas he was quite ugly, she turned heads wherever she went. She was rather full of herselfand said to Russell, 'They say I'm the most beautiful woman in theworld, and I hear you're the smartest man. Imagine if we had a childwith your brains and my beaty'.
Russell, who was never lost for words, replied, 'Imagine if it had my beauty and your brains'.



turn heads
- attract a lot of attention - вскружить кому-л. голову
full of yourself - too pleased with yourself
lost for words - not knowing what to say



Переведите на родной язык:

turn heads
Although it's illegal, the police often turn a blind eye to it.
full of yourself
She's too full of herself to be interested in other people.
lost for words
The news was so unexpected that he was lost for words.

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