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Part 1 People. Unit 4 Twins.

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Some twins are identical, but my brother and I are definitely not.
He's a couch potato who watches television all weekend and thinks exercise is a dirty word, whereas I'm always on the go, playing sport, socialising, working and so on. He says I'm a pain in the neck because I never stop doing things and making a noise while he's trying to watch the TV or sleep.


couch potato
- a lazy person - домосед, вялый человек, безынициативный человек, лежебока, бездельник, лентяй
dirty word - something unpleasant
on the go - active - активный, в движении
pain in the neck - a nuisance - невыносимый человек, надоедливый; назойливый; раздражающий; утомительный; неприятный



Переведите на родной язык:

Couch potatoes, who don't use their minds or bodies, risk ill health.
Love became a dirty word during the Chinese cultural revolution.
You're always on the go. You should relax sometimes.
My little brother can be a pain in the neck.

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