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Part 2 Emotions. Проверочная работа № 2.

Idioms → Проверка знаний. Раздел Emotions.

1. Match the idioms with their meanings.
Keyon edge = anxious
in stitches = laughing a lot
lose it = be out of control
see red = feel very angry

1) on edge            
2) in stitches
3) lose it
4) see red
a) laughing a lot
b) feel very angry
c) anxious
d) be out of control
2. Сomplete the idioms.

Key1 I feel on top of the world when the sun shines.
2 She burst out laughing when she saw me.
3 I'm on cloud nine whenever we're together.
4 He suddenly hit me. I don't know what got into him.

    а) I feel on top ___________ when the sun shines.
    b) She burst ___________ when she saw me.
    c) I'm on cloud ___________ whenever we're together.
    d) He suddenly hit me. I don't know what ___________ him.

3. Can you remember a time when you ...

Keyopen answers
     a) were scared to death?
     b) saw a film that left you cold?
     c) couldn't keep a straight face?
     d) were over the moon about something?

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