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Part 3 Social relations. Unit 10 Party!

IdiomsИдиомы. Party!Social relations → Party!
I went to a big party last night. The hosts were celebrating something so they'd decided to push the boat out: there was a really good band, fantastic food and lots of drink. I chatted to a few people for the first hour - just the usual small talk. Then I met this great guy. We got talking and we really hit it off. I'm seeing him tomorrow!


push the boat out - spend more than usual - устроить пир горой; устроить пир на весь мир
small talk - polite conversation about unimportant things - салонный разговор (разговор по пустякам); разговор о том о сем; "разговор о погоде"; лёгкая светская беседа; пустой разговор; светский разговор; разговор ни о чём
hit it off - like each other - западать (увлечься кем-л., почувствовать симпатию); нравиться друг другу; любить друг друга



Переведите на родной язык:

People usually push the boat out when they get married.
I don't like parties where I don't know anyone - I'm not good at small talk.
Mothers don't always hit it off with their son's girlfriends.

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