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Part 3 Social relations. Unit 11 A good friend.

IdiomsИдиомы. A good friend.Social relations → A good friend
A good friend
- is someone who will ďways be there for you when you need them.
- is someone who sees eye to eye with you on most things.
- is not perfect and not the same as you, but is good at give and take.


be there for
- be ready to help - быть готовым придти на помощь или утешить
see eye to eye - agree - сходиться во взглядах; сходиться во мнении
give and take -  compromise and cooperationкомпромисс; обмен мнениями, любезностями, шутками; взаимопомощь



Переведите на родной язык:

My parents are great. They've always been there for me.
l've don't see eye to eye on politics so we try to avoid the subject.
If you want an agreement, you have to accept some give and take.

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