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Part 4 Dating and romance. Unit 15 Gossip

IdiomsИдиомы. GossipDating and romance → Gossip
Ethel: Have you heard about Jane's boyfriend?
Mavis: The one she's been going steady with for about six months?
Ethel: No. He's history. She's got a new one.
Mavis: That's fast!
Ethel: Yes. And he's younger than her! Oh! Hello, Jane.
Jane: Haven't you got anything better to do than gossip about other people? Get a life!


going steady - in a regular relationship - встречаться; иметь постоянного возлюбленного; иметь постоянную возлюбленную
he/she's history - past, not important now
Get a life! (not polite) - do something interesting - не суй нос в чужие дела!



Переведите на родной язык:

She's been going steady with her boyfriend for a year.
She used to go out with him, but he's history now.
Why don't you do something exciting? Get a life!

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