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Part 6 Conversation. Unit 23 A film scene.

IdiomsИдиомы. A film scene.Conversation → A film scene
In the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hugh Grant meets an old friend, and asks him, 'How are you, and how's your girlfriend?'
The man replies,'She's not my girlfriend any more.'
'That's good,' says Grant,'you probably didn't know, but she was two-timing you with someone else.'
The man looks deeply shocked and says,'She's my wife now.'
Hugh Grant realises he has put his foot in it, and he kicks himself for being so stupid.


two-timing - deceiving, being unfaithful - неверный
put your foot in it - unintentionally upset someone
kick yourself - feel angry with yourself - ругать самого себя; злиться на самого себя



Переведите на родной язык:

She's two-timing him. She's seeing someone else too.
I'm sorry. I've put my foot in it. I didn't want to upset you.
He kicked himself for forgetting her birthday.

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