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Part 6 Conversation. Unit 24 Can you keep a secret?

IdiomsCan you keep a secret?Conversation → Can you keep a secret?
A friend has just told you a secret.
Then someone asks,'What were you two talking about?' Do you ...
(a) smile and just say mysteriously,'That would be telling'?
or (b) spill the beans?
Your friends are planning a surprise party for someone. Do you ...
a) keep your mouth shut until the party?
or (b) let the cat out of the bag the day before?


that would be telling - it's a secret
spill the beans - reveal a secret - выдавать секрет; помешать чему-либо, сообщив ложную информацию, сказав не то
let the cat out of the bag - give secret information too early - выбалтывать секрет; выболтать секрет; проговориться; раскрыть секрет, не желая того



Переведите на родной язык:

We could give you the answer, but that would be telling.
Don't tell her, because she'll spill the beans to everybody.
The newspaper let the cat out of the bag before the president's speech.

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