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Part 6 Conversation. Unit 26 Believe me!

IdiomsИдиомы. Believe rne!Conversation → Believe me!
Sam: Hello?
Tom: Sam! Help me!
Sam: What's the matter, Tom?
Tom: I'm hanging from this rock by one hand. I can't hold on much longer. Call the rescue service quickly!
Sam: Very funny, Tom. Why are you always pulling my leg?
Tom: Sam! I'm not having you on. It's true! Honestly!
Sam: Pull the other one, Tom!


pull someone's leg
- teasing me - дразнить кого-либо; насмехаться над кем-либо
have someone on - say something untrue (for fun)
Pull the other one - I don't believe you



Переведите на родной язык:

It's not really true. I'm.iust pulling your leg.
You're not really a police oficer, are you? You're having me on.
Pull the other one. I know that's not true.

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