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Part 6 Conversation. Unit 27 Hot ears.

IdiomsИдиомы. Hot ears.Conversation → Hot ears
Have you heard this joke?
A: My ears got burnt!
B: How?
A: I was ironing when the phone rang. Instead of picking up the phone I picked up the iron.
B: That must've hurt!
A: To say the least.
B: Let's get this straight: you said you burnt both ears. Right?
A: Yes.
B: How on Earth did you burn the other ear?
A: The person called again.


to say the least - very much - мягко выражаясь; говоря без преувеличений; по меньшей мере
get it straight - be clear about it - понимать; втыкать; въезжать; въехать
on Earth - can't imagine



Переведите на родной язык:

Skydiving is not the safest sport, to say the least.
Let's get this straight. I'm in charge here. You follow me.
Where on Earth were you? What on Earth are you doing?

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