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Part 7 Thinking and learning. Unit 28 Predictions.

Идиомы. Predictions.Thinking and learning → Predictions
Who is most optimisilc? Who is most pessimistic?
Chris:   I think we might get a good pay rise this year.
Sam:    That'II be the day!
Tom:    I think it's on the cards.
Helen:  I think it's a safe bet. The company's made a big profit this year.
Kate:   You're right, but it's still touch and go whether they'll share it with us.


That'II be the day! - it would be very surprising - это маловероятно; вряд ли на это можно рассчитывать; этому не бывать
on the cards - likely - вероятно; возможно
safe bet - almost certain - с уверенностью можно ручаться
touch and go - unsure -  один шанс из тысячи; едва удаться; неопределенный; рискованный



Переведите на родной язык:

'Is your brother married?' 'That'II be the day!'
We can't be sure that it'll happen, but it's on the cards.
It's a safe bet that we won't win the Cup.
We won in the end, but it was touch and go until the last minute.

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