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Part 7 Thinking and learning. Unit 30 Pronunciation.

Идиомы. Pronunciation.Thinking and learning → Pronunciation
A golden rule of pronunciation is: use word stress correctly.
You probably know that one part of a word is'stressed' (= stronger than the other parts), for example:
PHOtograph, phoTOgrapher, photoGRAPHic.
Listen for the stress in words. Then you'll get the hang of word stress and be able to use it more. If you can do this, your pronunciation will improve just like that.


golden rule - important rule - золотое правило
get the hang of - learn how to do/use something
just like that - quickly and easily - без малейшего труда



Переведите на родной язык:

The golden rule of healthy exercise is not to overdo it.
Keep practising and you'll soon get the hang of it.
I asked her and she said yes - just like thatjust like that!

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