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Part 8 Action. Unit 33 Sleepy burglar.

Идиомы. Sleepy burglar.Action → Sleepy burglar
-This is a true story about a French burglar. After getting into an empty house easily through an open window, he probably thought his job was a piece of cake. He decided to take his time and went into the kitchen, where he found some champagne. After drinking the whole bottle, he went to look for jewellery in the bedroom but fell asleep on the bed. He did not wake up until the owners returned, catching him red handed.


piece of cake - very easy - проще простого; проще паренной репы
take your time - don't hurry - не спеши!; не спешите!; не торопись!; не торопитесь!
catch someone red handed - catch someone doing something bad - поймать на месте преступления



Переведите на родной язык:

The test was a piece of cake. I got 100%.
Take your time. There's no hurry.
The police caught him red handed inside the bank at midnight.

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