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Part 8 Action. Unit 34 Action hero.

Идиомы. Action hero.Action → Action hero
Action movie heroes may seem strong and independent, but they have to follow rules:
1. Never do things by the book. Forget about correct procedures.
2. Always wait till the last possible moment before turning the tables on the bad guys.
3. When you're in the thick of the action, your hair and make-up still have to look good.


by the book - following the rules - как это обычно делается; по правилам; строго придерживаясь правил
turn the tables - reverse the situation - поменяться ролями; бить противника его же оружием; обменяться ролями
in the thick of - in the most active part - в гуще; в разгаре; в самой гуще



Переведите на родной язык:

The police can't do whatever they want; they have to go by the book.
He managed to get the gun and turn the tables on the robber.
He was in the thick of the fighting, but was not injured.

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