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Part 8 Action. Unit 36 Losing weight.

Идиомы. Losing weight.Action → Losing weight
January 6
Today was going to be the day that I started to lose weight. Well, I went for a run in the park with Victoria. I thought that would do the trick, but it nearly killed me. She kept looking back and telling me to step on it. It's no good. I've left it too late. Once you're over 30, you've missed the boat. I'm just going to get fat and enjoy it. Now, where are those chocolates that I threw away.


do the trick - solve the problem -  решать проблему; выяснять проблему; добиться; достигнуть цели; добиться своего; достичь цели
step on it - go faster - живей; поторапливайся; гони во весь дух!; нажимай!; прибавь ходу; нажми на газ
miss the boat - be too late - проворонить; прозевать возможность (случай); пропустить возможность; упустить шанс; упустить случай; опоздать; упустить возможность



Переведите на родной язык:

This medicine should do the trick.
Step on it! We're late!
She wanted to have children and was afraid of missing the boat.

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