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Part 8 Action. Unit 37 Job on the line

Идиомы. Job in the lineAction → Job on the line
Bill had a problem waking up in the mornings. One day his boss said angrily, 'You're late for work every day. You probably think I'm a soft touch, but I'm not, and your job's on the line.'
So Bill went to his doctor who gave him a pill, which Bill took before he went to bed.
He slept well and woke up early. Arriving at work, he said, 'Boss, I'm on top of the problem!'
'That's fine, 'said the boss, 'but where were you yesterday?'


soft touch - easy to get things from - чрезмерно доверчивый человек; "лопух"; простофиля; простак; недотёпа; разиня
on the line - at risk - под ударом; на кону; поставлено на карту
on top of - in control of



Переведите на родной язык:

I know I'm a soft touch. I just can't say 'No' to people.
Fire officers sometimes put their lives on the line to save others.
We've had problems but we're gettitrg on top of them now.

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