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Part 8 Action. Проверочная работа № 8.

→ Проверочная работа № 8. Action.

1. Match the idioms with their meanings.

Keypiece of cake = easy
take your time = don't hurry
step on it = go faster
miss the boat = be too late

1) piece of cake         
2) take your time
3) step on it
4) miss the boat
a) go faster
b) easy
c) don't hurry
d) be too late

2. Complete the idioms.
Key1 The police caught the rhief red handed.
2 The campaign has started, and the gloves are off.
3 We made a mistake and scored an own goal.
4 The doctor said, 'These pills will do the trick.'

        a) The police caught the thief red ____________.
        b) The campaign has starred, and the gloves ____________.
        c) We made a mistake and scored ____________.
        d) The doctor said, 'These pills will do ____________.'

3. Complete the idioms.
Keyopen answers
       a) the police don't do things by the book?
       b) the hero turns the tables on the baddies?
       c) the hero is always in the thick of the action but is never hurt?

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