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Part 9 Work and business. Unit 39 Job interviews

Идиомы. Job interviewsWork and business→ Job interviews
Interviewers always ask difficult questions that nobody could possibly answer off the cuff. So it's important to be prepared for them.
But you can't prepare for everything, so sometimes you just have to think on your feet. Don't worry if you make a few mistakes. Just remember what the psychologists tell us: most interviewers make up their minds in the first 30 seconds anyway.


off the cuff - without preparation - с бухты-барахты; без подготовки; на ходу (без подготовки, импровизированно); по ходу событий (без подготовки, импровизированно); экспромтом; импровизировано
think on your feet - think as you go along - выступать без подготовки; говорить без подготовки; соображать на ходу 
make up your mind - make a definite decision



Переведите на родной язык:

I can't answer that question off the cuff.
A soldier has to think on his feet.
You've looked at 12 pairs of shoes. It's time to make up your mind!

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