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Part 9 Work and business. Unit 42 Big fish

Идиомы. Big fishWork and business → Big fish
When Herman came to Britain to work, he spoke good English but did not know many idioms. One day at work someone said,"Don't disturb the manager. She's meeting some big fish from New york."
"Big fish?" Herman asked.
"Yes, she's got a new project and she wants to get them on board.'
As Herman reached for his dictionary of English idioms, an extraordinary picture formed in his mind's eye.


big fish - important people - большая шишка; важная персона
on board- actively involved
mind's eye - imagination - в воображении; мысленно



Переведите на родной язык:

He's a big fish now that his company's successful.
He's starting a new company and he wants me on board.
In my mind's eye I'm on a beach in Barbados.

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