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Part X That's bad. Unit 45 Poison

Идиомы. PoisonThat's bad → Poison
Winston Churchill was famous for, amongst other things, his quick wit. On one occasion in parliament, the opposition party was up in arms because Churchill's government had given the thumbs down to a proposed new law. The debate began to get out of hand and a woman shouted, 'If I were your wife, I'd give you poison.'
Churchill instantly replied, 'If you were my wife, I would drink it.'


up in arms - protesting strongly -  готовый к борьбе; готовый к сопротивлению; в полной боевой готовности; восставать; ополчаться; готов к бою; воинственно настроен
thumbs down - negative response - категорически против
get out of hand - get out of control - выйти из подчинения; стать бесконтрольным; выйти из повиновения; отбиться от рук; выйти из подчинения распуститься; выйти из-под власти; выйти из-под влияния; распуститься; выйти из-под контроля; распоясаться; совсем отбиться от рук



Переведите на родной язык:

Lorry drivers are up in arms about the cost of fuel.
The government has given the thumbs down to a tax cut.
The demonstration got out of hand and twenty people were injured.

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