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Урок 1. Проверочная работа.

Проверочная работа Урок I

Проверьте свои знания по устойчивым выражениям 1-го урока:

a couple of
a long time ago
a lot of
a pair of 

above all (else)
according to
after all
again and again

agree with
all of a sudden
all over the world
all the time
all the way
and so on
arrive at/in
as a result        
as well as
ask for
at a time
at any time      

Match each word with its meaning.
Key.   1. d
   2. e
   3. a
   4. c
   5. b
1. _______ a couple of         
2. _______ above all
3. _______ as a result
4. _______ all the way
5. _______ as well as

a. and so
b. including
c. the entire distance
d. two of something
e. most importantly

Choose the best answer
Key.    1. b
   2. c
   3. c
   4. d
   5. a

1.  The people got on the elevator seven per time.
 a. at any time 
 c. and so on       
b. at a time
d. all the time

2. My sister likes to eat green vegetables like peas, beans, broccoli, and other similar things.

 a. a lot of
 c. and so on        
b. ask for
d. all the time

3. As shown by this letter, the package will arrive next week.

 a. Agree with
 c. According to    
b. As a result
d. After all

4. Without warning, the lights went out.
 a. At any time
 c. Again and again
b. Allover the world
d. All of a sudden

5. I tried to fix the TV myself, but took it to a repair shop in the end

 a. after all
 c. and so on        
b. again and again
d. a long time ago

 The Sun, the Moon, and the Bat
Read the following story
1 According to a story from Africa a long time ago the sun and the bat were good friends. They were seen together all the time. They shared theiI: dreams as well as their  problems.
2 One day, the moon and the sun began talking about who was stronger. The moon said she was stronger. The sun did not agree with her. They argued, "I am stronger," "No, I am stronger," "No, I am," and so on. Finally, they decided to have a contest.
3 After a couple of days, they planned to meet at the lake to see who could throw a rock the farthest across the lake. A lot of animals came from all over the world to the lake to watch the contest. They came early because they knew that the contest could start at any time.
4 The moon arrived at the lake first. She wanted to win, so she practiced before the sun arrived. She picked up rocks one at a time and threw them.
Each time, the rocks went farther and farther. By the time the sunfinally arrived at the lake, the moon was sure she could win.
5The moon chose a rock and threw it. It landed near the other side ofthe lake. The sun chose a bigger rock and threw it. Near the middle ofthe lake, the sun's rock began to fall toward the water, but all of a sudden it began to go up again! The sun's rock went all the way to the other side of the lake. It seemed that the sun had won the contest after all. However, nobody knew that the bat was carrying the rock!
6 When the bat was sure that no one could see him, he stopped to rest

between a pair ofbanana trees. His wing swere tired. It was difficult carrying the heavyrock, but he was happy to help the sun. "That's what friends are for,"thought the bat.
7 Many years later, the bat's mother died. Above all,the bat wanted his mother to have a nice grave. The bat worked all day,but he was not finished by the time the sun began to go down. The bat asked for a favor from the sun. "Can you stay up until Ifinish my mother's grave?" The sun refused. Again and again,the bat begged, but the sun said it was time for him to go down. Thebat was very angry. The sun did not help him even though he had helpedthe sun.
1.6.jpg8When the moon came up, she saw the bat still working hard on hismother's grave. The moon gave the bat enough light to finish his work. As a result,the bat and the moon became good friends. That's why today you willnever see the bat near the sun. He is always with his friend, themoon. 


Урок 2

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