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Глава 2. Traveling (Поездка). Урок 4. At the airport (В аэропорту)

Бронируетели Вы авиабилеты, резервируете ли номер в гостинице или хотите взятьнапрокат автомобиль - в этой главе Вы найдете важнейшие обороты речи ислова, которые помогут Вам впоследствии легко справляться струдностями. Как правило, в аэропорту сориентироваться не сложно, посколькуиспользуются интернациональные таблички. Проблемы возникают тогда,когда делаются объявления по громкоговорителю: из-за шума и плохогокачества звука сложно что-либо разобрать. Если Вы знаете название Вашейавиакомпании (air line), номер рейса (flightnumber) и пункт назначения (destination), переспросите для надежности, было ли сообщение о Вашем рейсе или о Вас лично.

Announcement: Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention, please!
All FH 126 transfer passengers continuing their flight with
destination Cairo are now requested to proceed immediately to
gate 28!
Will passenger Mr Johnson please come to the ... airlines
information desk!
Question: Excuse me, I couldn't hear the announcement. Was it
concerning flightnumber ... destination ... or did they ask for
Mr Horst?

doc Полезные фразы

Checking in / Регистрация
I'm sorry, where's the check-in counter for... airlines?
Have you got any handbaggage / carry-on luggage?
I'm sorry, this suitcase is too large, you'll have to check it in.
What's the charge tor excess luggage?      Какое сбор за багаж выше нормы
This is your boarding card.
Your flight departs from terminal 1 gate 8.
It's through concourse 4 on level 2.    зал 4

Flight information / Информация о рейсе

You'll find the information on the arrival / departure board.
The estimated time of arrival (ETA) / departure (ETD) is...
The scheduled time of arrival (STA) / departure (STD) is ...
The actual time of arrival (ATA) / departure (ATD) is ...
Flight KL466 from New York has just landed.
We're sorry but the flight has been delayed / cancelled.

Rescheduling / Изменение брони

My flight has been cancelled. When is the next flight to ...?
I'd like an earlier flight.
I'd like an upgrade from economy class to business class.
Could I change my reservation, please?
I missed my connection and I have to be at a meeting, could you find out if there are any flights available?

Immigration / Въезд

All EU citizens to the right please.
May I see your passport please?
What is the purpose of your visit?       цель
I'm here on business.
Where are you staying?
You can go through then.

Problems / Проблемы

Your passport / visa is invalid.    недействителен
You must fill in an address or a hotel where you'll be staying.
You haven't filled out the complete form.    бланк

Baggage reclaim / Выдача багажа

Excuse me, I need a baggage cart / luggage trolley.   багажная тележка
Can you change money; I need coins for the cart.     монеты
You can collect your luggage at carousel 4.
Your luggage is on the other conveyor belt.    транспортерная лента
I think that is my suitcase.
Could you help me with his suitcase, it's rather heavy.

Problems / Проблемы

I've lost my suitcase / my suitcase was damaged.
You have to report that at baggage retracing.
You have to fill in this questionnaire. опросник
Could you send my suitcase to the following address?
Customs clearance / Таможенный досмотр
Do you have anything to declare?
Could I see your customs declaration form, please?
Would you please open your suitcase?
I'm afraid you're over the allowance.   багаж больше допустимой нормы
You have to pay duty on the excess.   багаж выше нормы

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